Educational Technology

Educational Technology

At Edu-Consulting we believe that every learner deserves a rich education.  “You cannot make children learn – you can only make them want to learn”.  

We develop customized early childhood, primary-level and special education classroom solutions based on our Multi Model Teaching philosophy. They incorporate technology, hands-on experiences and structured instructional methodologies.


Our solutions are a combination of:

  •   Interactive software in major curriculum areas: Math, Science, Language, Social Studies and Art
  •   Teaching and learning resources that support “learning by doing”
  •   Teacher resources:

-       teacher books with hundreds of detailed lesson plans and blackline masters

-       student work books

-       an authoring tool for creating new software interactions

-       LMS for tracking student progress

  •  Teacher training services
  •  Ongoing teacher support from Edu-Consulting’s team of educators


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