Early Childhood

When we talk about early childhood education, we refer to the education of children up until the age of eight. These years play a key role in a child’s maturation and advancement due to the rapid brain development that takes place during this crucial stage. Everything that happens to the child during their early years impacts their developmental path and future life as an adult. A vast amount of research shows that children develop and learn best when they are exposed to exploring, discovering, and playing. As such play is an integral part of early childhood education. While playing children explore, learn, communicate, draw conclusions, and experiment.

Jean Piaget was one of the first researchers who put emphasis on the importance of play in a child’s development. He emphasized that until the age of 11-12 children learn through experimentation and exploration, in other words through hands-on play. At Edu-Consulting we truly believe that play helps children develop the necessary physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. We firmly stand behind play as a method to help children adjust to the school environment and enhance their readiness for future adult life. Our early childhood solutions create a genuine environment of fun and play in which children develop naturally among their peers.

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